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 Basics of Passing and Running

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Basics of Passing and Running Empty
PostSubject: Basics of Passing and Running   Basics of Passing and Running EmptySeptember 5th 2010, 6:42 pm

passing is the bread and butter of most player's arsenal and if you
can't pass then you usually can't win, but if you have a balanced
passing and running attack, then you can win multiple games. here are a
few of my tips for passing and running:

always have some type of scheme. whether it be 5WR, full-house, Iform, or any other formation. you CAN'T go into a game expecting to win w/o a scheme.
QUICK ROUTES: these are what players use for those short yardage
gains, but the only bad thing is that they're risky. when doing this
make sure that you have someone tall in at both the #1 WR and #2 WR so
that they can go above the defenders to make a play. I suggest putting
TE's in if you have short WR's. also, if you do this a lot in the game
put your TE on a streak so that if they come out of C2 you can get it
to your TE for a big gain. the deep ball will int he advanced passing
SHOTGUN: ah shotgun, my favorite set, but you actually need to
know how to use it before you start to come out of it. make sure you
use the packages to make it seem like a UC play so that your opp. comes
out of a 4-3, 46, 3-4 instead of dime or nickel. make sure you combine
the short routes with the dep routes to keep the defense guessing. I
will tell you how to break down the coverage in a SG set in my breaking
down coverage section.

: Im gunna let you know now that I'm not the best runner, so these tips will sound stupid.
SLIDE PROTECTION: slide protection is one of the most important
things in the running game. w/o it, you wouldn't be able to break the
big runs like usual. I usually use aggressive when I play, because that
stops most blitzes when your running the ball. people always say to SP
to the side you run to, but that isn't always the best choice. if you
SP right and then run right, the defender is right there to tackle you
also. I advise that you SP aggressive or SP pinch when you run the ball
and SP left or right when passing.

: inside to outside is when you call an inside
run play like HB dive, but then cut to the outside and try to get a big
gain by doing this. SP pinch when doing this, so that the inside
rushers get locked up and you can hit the outside.

OUTSIDE TO INSIDE: this isn't used by many, but it's effective
when used correctly. call a play like power O and then SP aggressive
and then cut back to the inside and try to get blocks to pick up good

I will be posting right to let, left to right and double cut moves in the advanced tips section.

HEAVY SETS: Heavy sets are with less than 2 WR's on the field.
using these can improve the running game and open up holes for the
playaction pass. using a set like I form Twin TE is good for setting up
the PA pass, but make sure that you get about 3 or 4 yards a carry
before doing this.
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Basics of Passing and Running Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basics of Passing and Running   Basics of Passing and Running EmptySeptember 26th 2010, 8:02 pm

Thanks man, seems like cutting outside is a big thing in the running game this year.
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Basics of Passing and Running
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