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 Brekaing apart coverages

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Brekaing apart coverages Empty
PostSubject: Brekaing apart coverages   Brekaing apart coverages EmptySeptember 5th 2010, 6:46 pm

This is an important concept when playing. if you can put a route in
that will break apart two coverages at once, then you'll most likely be
able to beat the person your playing if you have a good D scheme.

BREAKING APART COVER 3: breaking apart the cover 3 isn't hard.
all you really need is a corner route in the play your doing, but when
you play ppl who make adjustments on the field you need to have other
routes involved as well. since most people take the flat route and make
it a corner route, you also will need to have an out route as well so
that you can dump it off if your 1st look isn't open. also using curls
will also open the coverage up a bit.

BREAKING APART A COVER 2: I see cover 2 as the easiest and
hardest coverage to break open. if your opp. is sittin back there using
the safety, C2 can be the hardest coverage to break apart, because now
people start to use the buzz zones in this as well, but I have a way to
break it apart. using the help of the smart route, you can break apart
the C2 easily. have 2 WR's lined up on one side(if you have to motion,
that's fine. have the inside WR run an in route that has been smart
routed, and have the outside WR run a regular in route. this is the
over/under technique where the LB has to play the guy running over him
and leaves the guy running under him alone for a 4 to 5 yard gain. if
your opp. isn't playing safety, then you need to have your TE on a
streak and just bullet it to him if you see Cover 2. having a curl on
this play wouldn't hurt either, because if you can scramble out of the
pocket the LB will try and "spy" you and then the WR on the curl will
be open for a short gain.

BREAKING APART THE COVER 4: breaking apart the Cover 4 is the
easiest coverage to break apart. all you need is to have an outside WR
running a short route or an OUTSIDE slant. you can also get the WR to run an out route or something that breaks apart the flat zone.

BREAKING APART MAN COVERAGE: man is a bit more difficult to break. You'll need to be able to have 2 WRs running similar routes toward each other, so they meet and hopefully the DB's hit each other leaving someone open. Running drags on both sides of the field is an easy way to do this. Also, four verticals is good way to break it open if you can get it to the slot WR. Mismatches with Lbs on WR's are an easy way to do it if your opponent stays in a base set.
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Brekaing apart coverages Empty
PostSubject: Re: Brekaing apart coverages   Brekaing apart coverages EmptySeptember 26th 2010, 8:02 pm

Once you learn to break man, everything else gets simpler.
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Brekaing apart coverages
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