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 Advanced Passing and Running tips

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Advanced Passing and Running tips Empty
PostSubject: Advanced Passing and Running tips   Advanced Passing and Running tips EmptySeptember 5th 2010, 6:50 pm

ADVANCED PASSING TIPS: here are a few of my advanced tips for passing the ball

MAKING 3 LEVEL FLOODS: 3 level floods are used frequently by
good users to break down the coverage and I'm going to show you how to
make a 3 level flood. first, you need to come out of a 3WR
set(singleback normal for me) and as your players are lining up, put
them on in routes, and start to smart route them.(it's important that
you do this before they line up, because that's what makes it a 3 level
flood. if you did this correct, you should have one person running an
in route that extends PAST the Line of scrimmage.(the person that you
want to have going past the LOS is the outside WR(it has to be the
outside WR, but he has to be on the side with 2 WR's or it won't work
right.) now motion the other WR to the side with 2 WR's on it. if you
did this right, now you have 3 WR's lined up on one side. one running
an in route that extends past the LOS, one doing an in route that
extends to the LOS, and one running a regular in route. this is another
over/under technique.

USING MOTION: using motion can be deadly if done right. motion
can create new formations, stopping BNR and lots of other things.
motioning delayed routes into the slot allows better yards. putting a
TE into motion makes your opp. think your running the ball. also
motioning the TE can help open up some holes in the coverage since he
isn't as fast as a WR, it'll take him longer to get where he needs to
be, and the coverage will already guarding someone else.

OVERLOADING: overloading is something that I like to do. this is
just putting more people on 1 side than that side has defenders. since
most people play zone, this will have your opp. quitting on you. come
out of a set with more than 2 WR's(but less than 5) motion one of your
WR's so that there's 3 WR's on 1 side. pt your outside WR on a streak.
put the WR in the middle on a hot routed slant.(outside) put the
motioned WR on an out route, or you can put him on a drag before you
motion him so that he's running a drag to the outside instead of to the
middle of the field. put the TE(or other WR if it's 4WR set) on a cur
route, and put the HB on an in or out route(make sure that his route is
towards the 3WR's so that the one side is overloaded with 4 routes
coming that way, but only 3 people to guard them.

ADVANCED RUNNING TIPS: here are 4 tips for advanced runners
LEAD BLOCKING w/player lock: Utilize this. before the start of the game, go
into the depth chart and see who has the best impact blocking on your
Oline and always control him to leadblock, even if your not running to
that side. LDB'ing is a good way to pick up better blocking and better

RIGHT TO LEFT: running right to left is pretty risky, but can
pick up big yards. what you do is you pick an outside rush play that
goes to the right(if it goes to the left, flip it in the playcall
screen) you make the adjustments you'd like, then hike the ball.
instead of running right, you cut to the left and try to find a
hole.(if you look at any run play, there's always a hole to the side
that you DON'T run to, so that's wwhy you switch directions.)

LEFT TO RIGHT: this is the same as running right to left, you
just run left to right. you still need to make the same adjustments(if
the play is going run flip it so it goes left).
for these tips, hitting the outside isn't always the best. there may be
a hole in the middle that you can run thru for about 7 yards.

COMBO MOVES: these are moves that are combined to help you get
out of a jam. the double spin is one of them where you spin left then
right real fast which is very useful for getting out of the backfield
when they have you stuffed. another combo is the opposite cut move.
this is where your running, then you don't hold the turbo button, and
cut from left to right or right to left. this is very good when your in
a jam on one side, cuz you can just break off to the other side. it's
really good for left to right(right to left) or inside to
outside(outside to inside
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Advanced Passing and Running tips Empty
PostSubject: Re: Advanced Passing and Running tips   Advanced Passing and Running tips EmptySeptember 26th 2010, 8:04 pm

i love using player lock as a lead block type feature. the pancake is awesome if you need to get to the 2nd level fast, and the cut block is good for short yards.
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Advanced Passing and Running tips
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