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 Stopping the Option

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Stopping the Option Empty
PostSubject: Stopping the Option   Stopping the Option EmptyAugust 14th 2010, 6:37 pm

I know the option can be a really annoying thing to try to guard along with the pass. If your opponent is tearing you up with options, here's a few guidelines to follow:

NEVER blitz more than 6 in man coverage!! You never want to leave a person open if he fakes it for a pass.

Always try to make a squared up tackle in front of the QB so that if they attempt to option while falling, he'll pitch it bad, or won't be able to pitch it at all(doesn't always work out right)

Sometimes using the gameplan features don't work out as well you'd like. They can go for HUGE gains. Usually keeping it on conservative and making the play for yourself can be a better thing than telling the defense to go after the QB or HB

It also depends on the payer you user on D. usering a MLB or safety is probably the best choice. Usering a dlinemen is usually hit or miss against an option play.

Hope this helps you guys!
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Stopping the Option Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stopping the Option   Stopping the Option EmptySeptember 26th 2010, 7:46 pm

Thanks man, the option has been giving me fits lately.
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Stopping the Option
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