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 AXF Dynasty Rules

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AXF Dynasty Rules Empty
PostSubject: AXF Dynasty Rules   AXF Dynasty Rules EmptyAugust 16th 2010, 8:23 pm

Just so their official:

Rule #1: Play, be active. If you do not log on for 36 hours, then you will be put on Autopilot. If you do not log on for 48 hours or more, then you will be booted from the Dynasty. If your going to be out of town or something is happening in RL, just let me know and your spot is fine. I'll just sim/AP for User games.

Rule #2: Which brings me to my next rule. It's a good idea to add everyone else in the Dynasty to your friend list. If you have a User game, then please communicate via PM's on here or on PS3 Network and setup a time when you can play your User game. Another caveat for User games. If your in a User game and the team that is WINNING drops, then you can NOT continue vs the CPU. Quit the game and setup another. If the person LOSING drops, then the other User has the choice to continue vs the CPU or setup another one. Simply message me and let me know either way.

Rule #3: Restarts. 1st Instance = Warning, 2nd Instance = Game Wiped/Simmed, 3rd Instance = Boot. Keep in mind I reserve the final choice on this, as the longer your in a Dynasty with me, the more trusthworthy you become. That being said, there is still a limit. I don't mean to be an a-hole, but I want to keep the dynasty as fair as possible. In the end, if you lose, then lose with some dignity.

Rule #4: This section has been granted to us by CJDawg. As such, please act respectful in your posts on here. Any posts I deem not appropriate shall be taken care of summarily big smile Jovial ribbing is fine, but keep personal attacks away.

Be sure to check this thread from time to time, as I may change/update rules. As always, have fun big smile
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AXF Dynasty Rules
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