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 Horizontal Concept

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PostSubject: Horizontal Concept   Horizontal Concept EmptyAugust 17th 2010, 7:27 pm

Horizontal Concept - This concept is designed to stretch the WHOLE field. This makes your opponent re-think his whole gameplan, because now he has to worry about every play he calls, and every zone you break down. There are a lot of plays that do this, but some of the best would be: curl flats and smash corners.
These plays attack multiple sides of the field, and one side of the field at the same time, making some zones obsolete. curl flats attacks the flat zones with 2 routes, and the defender in that zone has to make a decision of who to guard. Regardless your going to have a man open with that setup.
Smash Corners attacks the flats, AND the corners. This gives your opponent another decision to make when you've used this play on him a few times.
"Do I start to guard to corners, or stay with the flats?"
That question will be his own demise, because he will start to guard the corners, then the flats are open, then he guards the flats, and the corners are open on smash corners, or the flats are open on the curl flat play.
The he will get smart and guard both, most likely using a DE to guard the flats which isn't a smart idea giving up another easy completion.
After he goes through all of that, he will find a way to stop it, then you run it up his throat with a draw.
There are many plays like this, and if you find a formation where they have multiple plays like this, like the Florida playbook with Shotgun spread, and work these into your scheme it makes your opponent think and when he starts to think, you've gotten in his head and won the psychological battle, now all you have to do is make ONE defensive stop and you've got the game in your hands.

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PostSubject: Re: Horizontal Concept   Horizontal Concept EmptySeptember 26th 2010, 7:53 pm

Another great concept. This toasts most zones and a lot of man coverages.
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Horizontal Concept
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