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 Syracuse PB/LSU setup

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Syracuse PB/LSU setup Empty
PostSubject: Syracuse PB/LSU setup   Syracuse PB/LSU setup EmptyAugust 23rd 2010, 7:31 pm

I posted this when the game first came out but it still works..Just wanna start off contributing...
OFF PB:Syracuse ( PS3)
DEF PB:4-2-5
TEAM LSU:SUBS-QB2-Sheppard-For use in Wild Stallion and and Option plays
RB1-Murphy...RB2-Ford...They are faster and can catch better than Ridley
PR and KR...Patrick Peterson or Terrance Tolliver

Ive tested these plays online and on Heisman and have had repeated success against all coverages..Practice these in unranked online and yoyu will get the human element and dont have to worry about your record..

AUDIBLES-S-Back Tight Slots-Mesh..HB Pitch..HB Wheel
Gun Tight-Hb Wheel....HB Option

#1=Shotgun Empty H Wide-Drag Under---This is a play that u need to be around midfield to execute...
Reads..SQUARE..If it looks like he can get by the DBS loft the ball and you will walk in for an easy six..
TRIANGLE..If you cant go deep zip this in and you will have a chance for some YAC..
CIRCLE..Last but not least you can hit this guy just as he goes to curl..

#2=Shotgun Empty H Wide-Corner Read--Put TRIANGLE in motion to avoid a bump Hike as soon as he moves
READS..TRIANGLE-You can hit him like its a slant if he has inside position on the DB..
SQUARE-If you can buy time lofti up to SQUARE and you will have an easy six..If he gets behind the DB its all good..
TRIANGLE-We go back to him and try to hit him on his corner route..I throw the ball down and to the sideline...
X--the Tight end runs a Blue route and you can just dump it off if everything is booked

#3=Shotgun Tight--HB Wheel--Good quick play and I use it near the goalline too for a quick pass..
READS--SQUARE--Hit him as soon as you hike the ball...If he gets bumped throw it quickoy to the HB in the flats..rarely does someone have both covered...If neither are open roll left and hit either CIRCLE or wait on TRIANGLE annd throw down and toward the sideline...

#4=Shotgun Split Offset-HB Slip Screen-(Dual HB Package)
READS-Roll to the right-If the defender goes with the automotion route CIRCLE then get ready to throw a bomb to him once again I throw down and to the sideline....If the DB goes with him watch X and hit him down the middle of the field..Last you have a screen and the other HB in the flats to the right.

#5=Shotgun Split Offset Close Shake-(Dual HB Package)Beats Man to Man
READS--SQUARE--If you can hit him as he comes in like the route is a slant...CIRCLE is an unbumpable route.if you have time hit him as soon as hes done with the shake move..
You can dump off in the flats if nothing is open or run with the QB..

Some of these plays mirror ones from NO PB and may have been posted here or elsewhere but this is the Syracuse PB and im posting these plays the way I run them and if there are any similarities I apologize in advance..I aint tryin to steal youre stuff...I hope this helps and Im sorry its so lenghty but I got OCD and I and Im detailed..Hope you enjoy...Ill also post my 4-2-5 defense and my gameplan settings later on..
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Syracuse PB/LSU setup Empty
PostSubject: Re: Syracuse PB/LSU setup   Syracuse PB/LSU setup EmptyAugust 24th 2010, 9:52 pm

Nice write-up!
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Syracuse PB/LSU setup
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